What ages do you teach? Do you teach kids and adults? 

Our instructors teach students as young as 8 years old and Michelle Ornest teaches students 13-adult.

Do you only teach professionals or do you accept beginners as well? 

We absolutely teach beginners! If you are willing to put the work and practice time in, we are willing to work with you to help you reach your goals. Our studio is a no judgment zone where you will be compassionately guided through your singing journey. 

What style of music do you teach? 

We teach contemporary commercial music or CCM which is any form of popular music. Anything from pop, traditional pop, rock, r&b, soul, alternative and indie to dance/electronic or modern musical theater. Michelle Ornest specializes in coaching singer-songwriters with either vocal technique or songwriting. We do not teach classical, opera or jazz but we do have fabulous recommendations if that is the style you are looking to study. Just ask! 

How do you structure your lessons? 

We will spend the first bit of our lesson warming up using The Singing Straw which is a metal, reusable, sustainable straw phonation tool that singers can use to promote more efficient vocal fold closure and release extra tension. 

Next we will work through some vocal exercises using Voice Science methods. These exercises are custom built to your specific voice strengths and weaknesses. This is where you will really see the growth in your singing and will 100% see results as long as you are practicing. 

Lastly, we will sing a couple of songs of your choice and help you perfect them. We'll guide you through vocal technique, microphone etiquette, performance/artistry and don’t forget we will have a ton of fun along the way! 

What is your availability? 

We are open Monday through Friday 1pm to 7pm and Saturdays & Sundays from 9am to 3pm. Openings vary from week to week and depend on your instructor's availability. We can discuss open times during our consultation. 

What is the commitment level? 

We always recommend lessons once a week, especially if you are a beginner. Consistency is the key to success! If you are a recording/touring musician and studying advanced vocal technique with Michelle, she is able to schedule drop in lessons. 

Do you also teach instrument lessons?

We do! Our instructors are not only amazing vocal coaches but also teach piano, guitar or ukulele. Check out our Instructors page to find out more! 

Do you offer summer camps?

We do! Please visit our workshops page to find out more!

How do I sign up? 

Kindly fill out the Student Evaluation Form so we can get to know you a little bit, determine how we can best serve you at our studio and schedule your first lesson so we can get down to the fun stuff! 

Any other questions? Give us a call at the number below or send us an email!