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Led by experienced vocal coach Michelle Ornest, students at our vocal studio learn to sing with confidence and power while developing healthy singing habits. With specialized training in contemporary music, including pop, rock, indie, alternative, r&b, and musical theater, we'll equip you with the necessary tools to take your singing to the next level! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, each lesson is specifically tailored according to your goals. We are conveniently located on PCH in Redondo Beach, CA and online to those outside our area.

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No question about it; Michelle has been critical in helping me become a better singer and I am only continuing to grow each and every lesson! While I had been singing for some time before I started with Michelle, I never felt like I had full control of my voice and knew that I had some issues that were really holding me back from where I wanted to be. She is so knowledgeable and attentive that even via Zoom she is helping me iron out kinks I didn't even know were there and I am truly filled with a little bit of happiness every time I sing because I can tell I am getting better and breaking through previous plateaus. Cheers Michelle and thanks!

Blake B.

Michelle has been my daughter's voice teacher for several years now. Michelle both encourages her and challenges her during each weekly lesson and it's been such a pleasure to see my daughter grow in her talent to sing over the years. My daughter has sung in school musicals and talent shows and during recitals that Michelle puts together for her students. Each time I'm amazed at how much my daughter improves from year to year with Michelle's guidance and coaching not just in her talent to sing but also her courage and confidence. Michelle is very talented, professional, and a wonderful teacher.

Arlene B.

1000% happy to be working with Michelle! Started 3 months ago in June with no formal training, just singing in the car and the occasional YouTube voice lesson. I was able to discuss my goals with Michelle, one goal being “I’d like to find MY voice, instead of mimicking other voices.” I could tell she tailored every lesson to improving my voice based on what I needed personally. After 3 months, I have more confidence singing publicly and I feel more comfortable that I’m singing with good technique and developing MY voice. She’s encouraging and supportive and I’m excited every week for her feedback on songs I’ve been writing and practicing. Make sure to do your vocal exercises everyday!!! Thank you Michelle for all the support and training!

Ted T.